Fake Online Consumer Reviews Attract F.T.C. Scrutiny

Fake online consumer reviews on Amazon and other sites have attracted the scrutiny of the Federal Trade Commission.

Online consumer review sites flummox many business owners – and consumers. That’s because there is no way to prove if a good, bad or indifferent review is legitimate or written by a company owner, employee or competitor. Contributors often post anonymously. [Read more…]

Social Media’s Impact on Reputation Management

Social media plays an influential role in shaping online reputations. The more you understand the social media culture, the more you know which reputation management strategy is best for delivering your message.

Social media strategist Eric Harr recently published a book that provides an invaluable guide to understanding the social media culture and how to engage with it. His article, “10 Simple Steps to Social Media Success,” offers a good introduction to his approach. [Read more…]