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How to Look Better Online: Online Reputation Management for CEOs, Rising Stars, VIPs and Their Organizations

Our Exclusive New Guide to Taking Ownership of Your Online Image

How to Look Better Online was written by our founder, Shannon M. Wilkinson, for CEOs, C-Suite level executives, risk and compliance officers and cybersecurity experts.

To help those readers understand how to manage their online reputation, the 50-page publication shares insights about the Internet and social media cultures and the distinct ways they impact high-profile individuals. Readers learn how to build an authentic online presence despite the prevalence of third-party content about them on the Internet. They will also gain actionable insight on:

  • why neglecting your image leads to a poor impression online
  • common issues faced by “influencers”
  • how online reputations are damaged
  • CEO, board and executive missteps to avoid
  • when it is possible—and when it isn’t—to make online content disappear
  • how to avoid deceptive online reputation management practices
  • why it is difficult to be invisible online.

“Everyone faces online reputation challenges and opportunities,” explains Ms. Wilkinson. “The main difference for industry leaders, rising talent and VIPs is that there is a greater volume of information about them online. They are more often the subject of online research. My goal is to help such readers understand how information is acquired and republished on the Internet, so they can be proactive in managing the publicly available content about them.”

How to Look Better Online draws upon Reputation Communications’ experience as an online service provider for such clients as:

  • investment and other financial services firms
  • global Investigative agencies specializing in corporate Intel, due diligence and cyber security
  • public figures and central contributors to political discourse
  • foundations and nonprofit organizations
  • Forbes and Fortune 500 companies.

How to Look Better Online is available as a downloadable eBook for all platforms. You can see a preview here and order a copy here ($30). The guide is published by Reputation Communications.