Check the provider’s online information to see if they address your specific goals and are experienced in servicing your sector. Review the design and content of their website. Is it an appropriate fit? Would you trust them to create content about you or your organization and publish it online? Do you like the way their company uses social media – for example, what they post on Twitter?

Do they promise or guarantee specific results? If so, are they transparent about how they will attain those results? Is their language vague or so “tech-y” you don’t understand what they will be doing on your behalf? Then, ensure that you have the right to review and approve everything they publish online about you during their campaign before it goes live. Their contract should also protect your privacy and give you ownership over all of the material they create on your behalf, including a transfer of access to all platforms that have been established for you during or at the end of an engagement. Be wary of agencies with contract clauses that threaten to remove all of the content they have created about you online if you are late with a payment. If their services include publishing a profile or website about you that is linked to their brand, consider whether having a public association with an online reputation management company will contribute to your image.

The online reputation management (ORM) industry is unregulated. There are no consumer protection agencies vetting ORM providers. Credible firms provide informative professional biographies and client case studies, publish articles about this practice and may have been interviewed in respected media outlets.

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