We ensure you look your best online with these expert, proven solutions. Our case studies appear below.

Reputation Consulting

A consultation provides you with the strategic direction and essential action steps for reaching your goals or resolving a crisis. When more comprehensive guidance is needed, our consulting service provides it.

Our clients benefit from highly customized solutions tailored to their budgets. Often, they return to us seeking more support for the achievement of their goals.

Reputation Research

We audit the content about individuals, brands and organizations to mitigate risks, correct areas in need of repair, identify red flags and expand their online assets. Then we provide detailed strategies to improve and maintain an online image that best serves their goals.

Our analyses show clients how to protect their brands from risks they were often unaware of. We also identify ways they can enhance and secure their image on all digital platforms.

Reputation Relations

Your image and media presence is enhanced by our crisis management, personal branding, public relations and content creation service. It is tailored specifically toward amplifying the message you want to convey.

Our clients have used this service to create or expand their social media profile and clarify their message. They have also received greater media visibility, from blogs and trade publications to influential and widely-read platforms like Bloomberg and The New York Times.

Reputation Repair

We restore damaged online reputations using Google-approved, "White Hat" content and SEO strategies.

Our ability to restructure and transform Google search results has led many clients to praise the measurable improvement to their online image.

Reputation Workshops

We teach executives and organizations how to build, lift and protect their brand.

Participants benefit from learning how to make Google their ally. This knowledge enables them to better control their brand and maximize their career potential.

Workshops may be scheduled for briefings, conferences and events.

Case Studies

These are continually being updated.

Case Study #1: Addressing a Financier’s Goals

Issue: A financier’s search results were dominated by content that did not accurately represent his achievements and expertise. He turned to us for a plan to publish more current information to replace it.

Our solution: We suggested establishing a range of new content appropriate for his worldview and preference for a low profile, then created it on his behalf.

Results: Two months after our client’s new materials were published online, they began moving to page one of his Google results. This project is continuing under our management. We will be updating this case study to reflect continuing improvement.

Case Study #2: Fast-Tracking an Executive’s Career

Issue: An executive wanted to update his digital brand image to reflect the next stage of his career. His online profile included positive mainstream and trade media coverage as well as other assets, but lacked a strong, central brand profile.

Our solution: We recommended he begin with a consultation and then evaluate whether he wanted to move forward on our recommendations. Our consultation identified areas where he lacked ownership of his name on influential online platforms. We also recommended text, graphic and image refinements to his existing online content to best represent the image to the decision-makers he wants to reach.

Results: He engaged us to update his online brand. The project included updating a related organization’s site as well as his Wikipedia entry and professional portraits.

Case Study #3: Helping an Industry Expert Develop a Blog

Issue: An expert sought help developing and promoting a blog. His goals also included developing a higher-ranking online profile appropriate for his industry.

Our solution: We created and implemented a digital branding strategy, then recommended blogging platforms best-suited for his goals. Since its launch, we provided our client with a step-by-step guide to managing it so his team can assume full autonomy over it. Our role included creating a promotional strategy to reach his targeted audiences.

Results: Three months into this project, the new assets we created now form 75% of our client’s content on the first page of a Google search. This project continues to be underway with additional expansion of his online reach.

Case Study #4: A Respected Physician’s Reputation Challenges

Issue: A physician faced reputation challenges after a professional partner experienced a business crisis. News coverage of the situation referenced our client, who was not involved in the issue. Legal and media notices related to the partner distracted from his own practice. He sought advice regarding the best strategy to reinforce his brand’s visibility on Google while working within a defined budget.

Our solution: We conducted a consultation that began with an assessment of his online image. We explained why certain material was ranking high online and making his own information difficult to find. Then we delivered a strategic plan for developing a new professional brand on the Internet. Our advice spanned short- and long-term implementation that gave him a full blueprint for moving forward.

Results: He plans to implement it incrementally on a budget using his own resources and using us on a consulting basis during the process. This case study will continue to be updated.

Case Study #5: An Entrepreneur Seeks a Better Reputation Management Provider

Issue: A successful entrepreneur was unsatisfied with the quality of the work provided by an online reputation firm. He contacted us for advice regarding how to salvage their deliverables, possibly in collaboration with his own team.

Our solution: He began with a consultation that provided him with a strategic plan for addressing his goals. We also identified how his name was not secured on key digital platforms, putting him at risk and explained how to repurpose the work done to date, which included published online content with misspelled words and incorrect grammar. It included action steps for creating several comprehensive new platforms about him.

Results: Our client retained us to work with his team on a consulting basis to implement the strategic plan. This project continues to be under our management. This case study will be updated.

Case Study #6: Rebounding From a Crisis

Issue: A company’s reputation was threatened when over 100 negative articles, blog post and social media conversations appeared online about a crisis it was experiencing.

Our solution: We implemented a strategy to prevent the negative media coverage from rising to the top of Google searches and dominating the organization’s online presence. That entailed creating new, optimized information about the company and maximizing its dissemination to local search engines. Next, we amplified the visibility of positive reviews that customers had made—and were continuing to make—about its products. Finally, we expanded their social media presence and began managing it.

Results: The company’s presence on high-ranking sites doubled, creating a powerful “digital firewall” that blocked new, potentially damaging information from appearing in top search results. Hundreds of authentic, positive consumer reviews began appearing on those sites as well as on SEO-rich social media platforms (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). The negative articles or posts that rose to the top of searches were limited and were counterbalanced by authentic positive content.

Case Study #7: Removing Damaging Content from Google

Issue: A respected industry commentator had been the victim of online attacks by a company after he made a negative assessment of its value. These damaging attacks still lingered high on search results long after the campaign had ended.

Our solution: We arranged for the material to be removed, first from the websites publishing it and then from all Google results. Then we created new content that was appropriate for the executive’s image. This new content appears at the top of search results and ensures that any residue from the campaign does not show up.

Results: Within weeks the executive’s online brand reflected his prominence and good standing in his industry.

Case Study #8: Improving a CEO’s Reputation

Issue: A CEO suffered collateral reputational damage from a lawsuit that did not involve him–he had only testified as an expert witness. Several articles about the lawsuit appeared on the first page of a Google search in his name, detracting from his positive brand capital.

Our solution: Using a content plan that incorporated optimized new material, we displaced the unwanted articles from the first pages of search results. To ensure the material did not rise again, we provided his communications team with monthly and quarterly action steps they could execute themselves and remained on call as consultants.

Results: Today the CEO’s online brand portrays him in the way he wants to be seen.

Case Study #9: Upheaval and Opportunity in a Major Industry

Issue: The introduction of a disruptive new technology created tremendous opportunities in one of the world’s most lucrative industries. Many top companies, including our client, began competing for market share. Our client’s competitors were seen first on Google, however. Our client’s site was far lower down in searches.

Our solution: We analyzed the online assets, vulnerabilities and weaknesses—as well as overall reputation—of the key players in the industry. Then we identified elements in our client’s website structure that were giving pages promoting this new product with a low search engine ranking. We developed a strategic plan for optimizing the company’s website and social media platforms.

Results: We equipped our client with a variety of digital strategies to best compete for a major market share. The company has since gained visibility, both online and off, and it has achieved new levels of growth. Today it appears on the first page of a Google search for products using that disruptive new technology.

Case Study #10: Image Security for a Top Financial Services Company

Issue: The executive team of a multinational public company was increasingly in the public eye. The company was impacting government policy decisions that affect its industry, resulting in a new level of media scrutiny.

Our solution: We performed a comprehensive online reputation audit of a team member—a high-profile industry leader. We identified risk factors, pinpointing three areas of potential vulnerability online. Left unaddressed, those vulnerabilities could have damaged the executive’s professional image, personal security and the company brand.

Results: Following delivery of our report, we were assigned several more executives for additional audit reports. For each executive we prepared a comprehensive audit detailing every risk factor, with a blueprint of how to mitigate them. As a result the company has stronger protective mechanisms in place, and a more secure online image.

Case Study #11: Political Influencer Faces Online Attack

Issue: A politically influential figure was the focus of an online media campaign to damage his public image and diminish his influence. Smears ranged from images to inflammatory blog posts, tweets and videos. Many had attained high placement on Google searches of his name.

Our solution: We began a strategic program to counterbalance and minimize the potential impact of the smear campaign. We ensured that anyone researching him would find authentic photographs and credible, factual information about him. Our optimized content was published in great range of websites and online news media. After taking steps to ensure his brand was protected from hijacking online, we created a series of initiatives that assumed dominant positions of his digital assets in search results. Then we created a media strategy to broaden awareness of his initiatives and attract high-ranking inbound links to his sites.

Results: He now fully owns his online brand, including most of the assets that appear on the first page of search results. News articles and media references continue to draw from the authoritative information sources we set up. The derogatory content no longer has a visible position in search results and has little impact on his reputation.

Case Study #12: Business V.I.P. Needs Online Image Refresh

Issue: An executive at a Fortune 500 firm was frequently researched and referenced in the media, but he had a decades-old online image that did not reflect his current activities.

Our Solution: We provided an online assessment that explained why outdated information led results in Google searches of his name. We created an SEO strategy to strengthen his online presence and identified potential threats to his online image, providing procedures for addressing each. We implemented these strategies in a year-long online management campaign.

Results: Within three months of initiating the campaign, search results were presenting the executive’s new and updated image. All outdated content was relegated to lower pages. After the first year we initiated a new contract for long-term monitoring and maintenance.

Case Study #13: A Low-Profile Philanthropist Goes Public

Issue: A high net worth individual had been active as philanthropist for many years, but had maintained his low profile. With the launch of his new organization, an appropriate introduction was needed to set the stage for attracting visibility.

Our solution: We created a brand identity and website, as well as a SEO-rich social media presence. Then we initiated media interviews with the goal of establishing a strong online presence that introduced his organization’s mission and announced its first event event.

Results: Our client was featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets. Our campaign also raised the visibility of the launch event, which gave the organization a strong online presence.

Case Study #14: Proactive Online Planning for a Rising Business Star

Issue: An executive assumed a new position that increased her stature within a regulated industry. This new visibility attracted scrutiny, some of it potentially invasive, including increased media coverage.

Our Solution: We conducted a thorough audit of the information about her available online, analyzing risks to her privacy and her vulnerability on social media as well as the quantity and tone of all content. We provided a detailed report and visual materials assessing her reputation within and outside of her industry, indicating risk factors and suggesting best strategies for strengthening her online presence.

Results: Based on the results of the audit, we took immediate steps to reinforce her privacy and secure social media risk areas. Then we monitored and analyzed all new content that appeared online about her over the next month. This research allowed us to track daily changes in her online reputation, using the initial audit as a baseline. Our data enables her representatives to respond promptly to new risk indicators.